The Global SupportIndieFilm Initiative

For twenty years, FirstGlance Film Fests has been supporting indie films with our film festivals and online and in 2018 we have big plans to explore new ways to use the world’s best hashtag for filmmakers.

As the creator of the #SupportIndieFilm hashtag we never thought it would take on a life of its own on every social media platform, becoming the most used tag by filmmakers worldwide.

It has been adopted by filmmakers, producers, directors, actors, investors, film festivals and crowdfunding platforms that use it multiple times daily and it has become an important part of the indie film movement.

#SupportIndieFilm reaches millions everyday…

…and now we want to find ways to make it work even more…

Join the Revolution!!

First, we plan on highlighting and featuring those individuals who are tastemakers and influencers in the #SupportIndieFilm movement, those who believe that indie film is a growing industry and are supportive of all types of “REAL” indie film!

Second, we plan on creating a universal time during the week where many of these #SupportIndieFilm friends will, in a concerted effort, promote and signal boost a number of indie film and web series crowdfunding campaigns. We plan to launch this on Twitter, as we have found this platform to be the most active in assisting indie filmmakers!

Third, in our continuing effort to create a like minded community of filmmakers and those who SupportIndieFilm, we are working on creating a part of our site, which will promote and offer exposure to indie filmmakers by adding Features, Shorts and Web Series Available online for purchase, rent or legal download for the public…think of it as Netflix for Indies!!

Catalog of Films

Coming Soon!