Join us for our Fall 2018 Short Online Contest Contest in October 2018 over $2000 in prizes and an opportunity for your short to premiere at FirstGlance Los Angeles 2019 (SPRING)

Our Short Online Contests have been screened by over 250,000 viewers and over 175,000 votes since its inception.

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FirstGlance Short Online 2018 Fall Contest Begins October 15

Invited Shorts

Fractured Souls- Eliezer Vergara
Stellar Hosts Pilot- Keith Schneider
Mrs. Schneider- Michael Matheson Miller
Danny Boy- Liam O’Neill
Cindy’s Birthday Party- August Aguilar
You Only Die Once- Amanda B. Goodman
The Keys- Amanda B. Goodman, Seth Panman
The Red Thread- Kelly Maher
The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet- John Tso
Geek Lounge_Going Solo- Larry Ziegelman
Against the Grain- Samantha Artese
The Film Festival- Brian Kennington
Blind- Andre “Dre” Muller
Submit- Brandon R. Scharping
Frankenstein Savior of the Zombie Apocalypse- Dave Borges
Pink & Quilted- Frédéric Chane-son
The Comic Book- Joe Arjona
TUSCAN DIRTY FABLE- Giovanni Guidelli
Coming of Age- Doug Tompos
Senses- Joe Boi
Red Tape- David St. Clair
If Only You Were Free- Gregory Cusumano
DARE- Manuela Vasquez
The Assassin’s Apprentice- Russ Emanuel
Last Call- Harrington Day
PAWNS- Nassos Zotis
home- Keylee Koop, Micah Sudduth
Chateau Laurier – James Stewart
Outer- Joe Boi
Giant Women, Micro-Budget- Jason Kartalian
Anna Karenina- Yana Sar
Harv- Stephen Tucker
Aside- Mauro A Fernandez
Agony- Cesar Roman
In My Eyes- Tim Doran
Broken Sidewalk- Aaron McPherson
Without a Mirror- Eric Mann
The Sister- Leigha Monier-Williams
Conductor- Alex Noyer
Turtle vs. Octopus- Muta’Ali
THURSDAY- John Anthony Flavin
Loretta’s Flowers- Brendan Prost
Taking out Chinese from Chinese take out- Tianyao Ma
Untold- Justin Bursch
We’re Alike- Darren Kwan
I Was a Dragon- Cristian Macouzet
Over and Out- Brian Sutherin
A Life Passed- Roland Greedy
Dead Layer- Carter Winter
Are You My Mommy- Gavin Booth
Typecast- James Bustamante
Home- George Young
Red Paint- Andrew Rodriquez



Winner of the FirstGlance Spring 2018 Short Online Contest

This is My That Day- Directed by Thanut Singhasuvich

Winner of the FirstGlance Fall  2017  Short Online Contest 

The Case Against Mr Sheppard- Directed by Jorge Barboza

Winner of the FirstGlance Spring 2017  Short Online Contest 

Off Trail Directed by Marshall Kistner

Winner of the FirstGlance Fall  2016  Short Online Contest 

Aster and Sidney- Sean Temple

Winner of the FirstGlance Spring  2016  Short Online Contest 

The Accusation-

Winner of the FirstGlance Fall  2015  Short Online Contest 

Spark and Fade Directed by Brian Mellen

Winner of the FirstGlance Spring  2015  Short Online Contest

Wet Dream Directed by Adam Ung

Winner of the FirstGlance Fall 2014 Short Online Contest

Failure Groupies by Rosalie Tenseth

Winner of the FirstGlance Spring 2014 Short Online Contest

It’s a Cold, Cold Night Directed by Nardeep Khurmi

Winner of the FirstGlance Fall 2013 Short Online Contest
The Rose of Turaida Directed by Ryan Grobins