We’ve decided to share the power of our over 45 K Twitter Followers and 5 K Facebook Fan and the hashtag we created, #SupportIndieFilm which has grown into a community of amazing indie film supporters across the globe and has been tweeted, re-tweeted and shared hundreds of millions of times on all social platforms. Reaching over 15 million users EVERYDAY!

Unlike other film festivals that only post on social media during their active call for entries period and the time leading up to there festivals, we tweet EVERYDAY!! 24/7 365 days a year, and its the reason we have such engaged users, influencers and superusers who follow us, RT us and share great content we provide.

There is no better way to get your signal boosted than with an indie film festival which has a track record of supporting indie film for 20 years!

On any given day #supportindiefilm can reach between 10-12 million twitter users, so we’ve decided to start a program to help you market your film through the FirstGlance Film Festival brand!


Taken on a random Tuesday afternoon

(Below is a sampling of 100 random tweets over a 2 hour period using the hashtag)

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-8-28-07-amMARKET YOUR FILM WITH FIRSTGLANCE

Beginning at $10.00 we’ll tweet your indie film or web series and or crowdfund to our Twitter followers.  You create the copy, supply us with graphics and we’ll get you added exposure for your film, webseries or indie film related products or services.

$10.00- 1 tweet to our 45K followers

$50.00 – 2 tweets and 1 facebook post per day for 5 days

$100.00- 4 tweets and 1 facebook post per day for 5 days

$250.00 – 2 weeks of social media support and tips on how to grow your fan base on twitter and facebook with 5 tweets per day and 1 facebook post per day for 2 weeks.

$500.00- We’ll grow your twitter following and teach you how to create the most engaging tweets, follow up with you personally to be sure your accounts are maximized and co-manage your account for 2 weeks. Clean it from dead, inactive and spam accounts and build your engagement and community.

$700.00 a week- We’ll manage and takeover your Twitter account during your crowdfunding campaign. Approximately 3-4 hours a day-We successfully managed and raised $56K for Film Threat in 4 weeks in 2016 and help raise over $110,000 on multiple crowdfund campaigns in 2016!

Whether you’re promoting your film or web series in a current crowdfund campaign, your film on VOD or theatrical release, Promoting a non film festival event, an indie film service, product, seminar, etc. Get on board the #SupportIndieFilm train and have us help you tap into the millions we reach daily!

Get the word out about your indie film or web series, message us through our contact us page, and let us know you want to Market with FirstGlance.

We will not promote or market any non film related entity or other film festivals or events calling for entries or films promoting screenings at other film festivals not managed by FirstGlance Film Fests.