Welcome the Global SupportIndieFilm Team

Filmmakers and those individuals that truly believe in the SupportIndieFilm Philosophy which is the continued exposure and visibility of TRUE indie film on all social media platforms.

William Ostroff- Creator of SupportIndieFilm

21 years of producing independent Film Festivals on two Coasts for indie filmmakers. DGA 3rd area AD and Production Manager, having worked on over 100 film and television projects, William’s vision to create has been his passion since seeing the original Star Wars in the movie Theater over 35 years ago.

Lynnaire MacDonald

Lynnaire MacDonald is the Founder of Film Sprites PR, a publicity and digital marketing consultancy which specializes in indie film. Since 2014 Film Sprites has assisted over 30 indie films with PR and social media marketing, and helped them to secure media exposure in outlets globally.

Kyle Hester

Skip Bolden is multi award winning documentary filmmaker and producer of independent films and web series. He also manages professional brands in entertainment on social media.

Patrick J. Russell, author of dark, raunchy, existential, comedy, One Pink Muscle to Go. Releasing Sharks from Mars trilogy. I promote all things indie. Aggregator of news at my blog, All About Indie. Follow on Twitter (@patrussellbooks). About 95% blind on a good day; I may not respond immediately.

My name is Marcella Selbach, I’m living in Germany where  I run a little film promotion agency, because Indie films are my passion.I am interested in helping and supporting young and ambitious indie filmmakers and producers.
As my parents have been stage actors, I grew up with theater and film always surrounding me. It has strongly influenced my dedication and love for film and theater, raising continuously…

Since 2011, Russell Southam has been directly involved in bringing Indie film projects to life around the world through Little Big Film Company. Russell’s passion for film dates back to his childhood and his first visit to the cinema to see Star Wars. Upon meeting Australia’s acting legend, Jack Thompson and seeing independent film production close up, he was inspired to embark on his own journey as a Producer, Screenwriter and Actor.