Short Online Invited Films

The Short films below are invited to take part in a 4 week Short Online Contest with over $2500 in prizes and an opportunity to premiere at FirstGlance Philadelphia 19 (Fall 2016) Our Short Online Contests have screened over 400 shorts seen by over 175,000 online viewers and over 200,000 votes have been cast since its inception 10 years ago.

The Brief- Matt Sadowski
The Last Abduction- Frank Perrotto
The Eulogy of Pini Gurevich- Jacob Nes-el
Star Wars: A Toy Story- Raymond Montemayor
Lightning Bugs In a Jar- Ian Simpson and Sara Wolkowitz
Mia- Han Siu
One Night in Hollywood- Sheri Sussman
Painless- Dylan Smith
The Conductor- Jared Bentley
22 Years- Dawn Noel
Love and Miss Lily- Ruth Baird
It’s My Decision- Ralph Odierna
The Train- Asher Grodman
The Test- Lori Simon
The Art of Human Salvage- Dempsey Tillman
The Last Course- Marielle Brinda
Serena- Omar Said
The Traveler- Jonathan Lawrence
The Good Father- Marek Ryszard Dojs
Contingent- Phil Moniz
Orphan is the New Orange- Aleathea Root
Talk to Me- Joshua Knoller
Jackie Boy- Musashi Alexander
Finger Painting- Hazel Annikki Savolainen
Mother Load-Nicoel Kemper
Nune- Ji Strangeway
Night Four- Chris Dougherty
Persephone Goes Home- Laura Holliday
Downward Dog- Darren Doyle
The Accusation- Enrica Brunilde Amici
Mirror- Thomas Ouziel, Dustin Biren
The Paper Trail- Jonny Lucy
Knights of New Jersey- Michael Hadley
Eve and Steve- Neil Teare
Intersection- Brendan Beachman