Welcome these amazing indie films to

the FirstGlance Film Fest Family!

Celebrate our 20th year in Philadelphia as we present Philadelphia’s Longest Running Indie Film Festival at

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts and Painted Bride Art Center!


The Hatred- Micheal G Kehoe

Life Hack- Sloan Copeland

Nowhere Michigan- Robert Vornkahl

Jimmy the Saint- Branden Morgan


Bean- Emilie Bunnell

Becoming a Spartan- Chris Love

Almost Boss- Paul Kaplan


Chocolate- Thiago Dadalt

Oiled Up- Richard Selvi

Mail.Man- William Aydelott

Another Girl- Austin Kase

Chasing Titles Vol 1.- Ryan Egypt

Aimee- Lee Whittaker

ALZHAÏMOUR- Pierre Van de Kerckhove

The Shift- Brock Healey

Helfa’r Heli (Catch of the Day) – Geraint Reynolds

August in the City- Lisa Tedesco

Imbroglio- Christopher Zatta

Kinesthesia- Carrie Prince

Hush Hush- Thomas Nolle

Off Trail- Marshall Kistner

Homesick- Sam Goodwin

The Prince- Kyra Zagorsky

Baggage- Andrea Behring

Tagati- Bill Haley

Shorts Too 

Americana- Andrew Meyers

The Candle- Rene Ashton

Pietas- Rob Waters

Tanguito Argentino- Joaquin Braga

S’eclipser- Yoni Azulay

Real Artists- Cameo Wood

Web Series

Reckless Juliets- Skyler Barrett

Sounds of Freedom- Holly Chadwick

Royally- Don Downie

Out of the Box- Sammi Cohen


Sisterly (Documentary)- Nina Vallado

Oak Bones- Lindsay Corriveau

Friend Zone- Robert Jaffe

Extra Credit (Documentary)- Matthew Slutsky

Music Video 

God Came ‘Round- Derek Frey

The Sleeping Beauty- Fabio D’Andrea

Not All Who Wander Are Lost- Benjamin Pollack

Short Online Invited Short Films

Selected Shorts, Shorts Too, Web Series, and Music Videos, we are unable to schedule in our physical program, will compete online for a month and a winner will be chosen by online participants.

The FirstGlance 2017 Fall Short Online Contest is schedule to begin October 9th

Winner to screen at FirstGlance Film Fest Los Angeles 18 Spring 2018!

Deadbeat- Jesse R. Tendler
Ghosts of New York- Brad Robinson
Matthew’s Monsters- Heidi Segal
Flame On- Benjamin Pollack
Paradox City- Jim McCullough
Love Lives- Palash Sen
The Dregs- Matthew Campbell Downes
Alice’s Gift- Gabriele Marino
Road to A.I.- Brett Abramsky
ANTIDOTE- Mashana Malowa
The Case Against Mr. Sheppard- Luis Leal
The Apocalypse will be AutomatedMelanie Killingsworth
THE VEILED- Glenn Fraser
SissyMan- Joshua Atesh Litle
Straighten Out- Jessie Chang
Lola- Robert DelVecchio
Sliding Away- Bob Findlay
Rent a Friend- Sophie Worm
Talk Radio- Jay Kanzler
Jonah- Michael Maschina
April in Blue- Christian Hogarth
NALA- Brit Barkat
New York 2150- Harry Assouline
Interior Teresa- Meredith Alloway
Enchanted Thyme- Mark Simon
Aisle 4- Kyle McCallion, Gabriel Stoltz, Sam Monaghan
The Love Industry- Matthew Cusimano
hashtagwill- Per Sundström
The Visit- Romina Schwedler
The Head- Jim Hartman
Cupids- Angelo Calarco
Contrition- Ed Wasser
Jade- Ian Walker
The Father of Art- Freddy Macdonald
Arrested (Again)- Dan Goldes
The Rose Garden- Karl Fernandez
Bent101 series 1- Jane Eakin
Prep Talk- Michael Wagner, Susan Lehman
Redheads Music Video- Spencer Davies
The Observer Effect- Garret Walsh
Kashmir- Sugandha Garg
Kheer- Surya Balakrishnan
The Aftermath- Zareefa Abdul-Adl
Wash- Zhichun Huang
The Jacket- Sergio Vaccaro
Short Story About Luck- Nat Zarneki
Jack & Dodge- Andrew Rogers