Congratulations to the Selections screening at FirstGlance Film Fest Los Angeles 18!


Her Side of the Bed- Bryn Woznicki

Monsoon- Miguel Duran

Regionrat- Javier Reyna

Stuck- Jillian Armenante

Hide in the Light- Michael McGregor


30,000 Days- Tiffany Shlain

Fight Like a Boss- Daniel Pineros

Living on a Dollar A Day- Thomas Nazario

The Debut- Matthew Conrad


12.12.12.- James Crisp

A Timely Gift- Paireac Keane

Born Again Sinner- Eduard Gudakov

EverLife- Steven Wilson

Evoke- Asia LeMasters

How to Be Lonely and Depressed- Scottie Bahler

Humble Pie- Ben Watts

Lily’s Secret- Emanuele Michetti

Monday- Dinh Thai

Protagonist- Alec Roth

Rainmaker- Kristen Hester

Sac De Merde- Greg Chwerchak

Saviors- Chris Gallego Wong

Soul of Steel- Alexandre Bilardo

The Case Against Mr Sheppard- Jorge Barboza

The Girls Were Doing Nothing- Dekel Berenson

The Wait- Eric Du Bellay

View- Gabriel Gallindo

We Know Where You Live- Honora Talbott

Shorts Too

Dr. Mantis- Brandon Mikolaski

Paula-Julia Pasternak

Send Us Smokes- Michelle Kee

Subculture- Jason Kartalian

The Accomplice- Jon Hoeg and John F. Beach

Two Balloons- Mark Smith

Web Series

Filth City- Andy King

Played- Jay Ferguson

The Big Nothing- Lucy Campbell

Welcome to Surrey- Kashif Pasta

Student Directed

Eggs, Zombies & Bacon- Sherry Y. Shi

Shieldmaiden- Benjamin Janicki

The Dollhouse- Kyra Gardner

Music Videos

I Hurt You- Stacey K. Black

Mission to Mars- George Pasles

The Sleeping Beauty- Fabio D’Andrea

Short Online Contest Invited Films

Due to a limited amount of real time to program our festival, we cannot screen all the films we’d like to program, so we’ve created the longest running online short companion where we invite about 40 short films to compete online for a spot in our next film festival and over $2000 in prizes. Below are the Invited Films…

Unexpected Company -Kerry Vaughn Miller
Vantage- Patrick Miller
Apart- Nico Aguilar
Charity- Alex Haney
The Bracket Theory- Katia Koziara
SWEETHEART- Jeremie Seguin
Everything’s Gonna Be Okay-Matt Soson
Another Girl-Austin Kase
Abigail and Libby- Kelsey J.Nash
This is my that day- Thanut Singhasuvich
Tabiib (The Doctor)- Jim Savio
The Ribbon on the Kite- Gianlorenzo Albertini
Collar- Russ Emanuel
The Eve – Luca Machnich
Specter- Grant Deliberto
Neosho Falls- Eric Hyde
Death of an Umbrella Salesman- Steve Herold
Ice Dwellers- Barbara Klutinis
Fare Trade- Shawn Ahmed, Scott Leaver
I am a lesbian- Reza Allahyari
Vahine I Te Moana “Girl in the Sea”
Jax In Love- Colin Campbell
Deadline (The Magician)- Andi Wenzel
Control- Carroll Brown
A Magician- Max Blustin
The Hunted: Encore- Crystal Arnette
ctrl alt delete- Margaret Katch
TRIPLE TIMe- Trevor Mayes
Page One- Don P. Hooper
Type – Simmie Sangian, Morgan Aiken
Silence Please!- Salvador Lleo
MIND YOUR BODY- Silke C. Engler
beneath the surFACE- Gaston Yvorra
The Morning After- Leanne Mangan
Cazadora- Jenn Page
The Thetrapist- Stephen Hansen
Running From- Rachel Kerbs
Petnap- Nick Peet